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gamma-Butyrolactone (also known as γ-butyrolactone and commonly as GBL)

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gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) Liquid (also known as γ-butyrolactone ) is a synthetic depressant substance of the GABAergic chemical class that produces powerful euphoric and disinhibiting effects similar to that of alcohol intoxication. In humans it acts as a prodrug for GHB, where 1ml is equivalent to 1.66 grams of GHB.

GBL is a common solvent and reagent in chemistry and is also used as a flavoring, stain remover, wheel cleaner, superglue remover, paint stripper, and as a solvent in some wet aluminum electrolytic capacitors.It has also been found in some wine products, which suggests it may be a naturally occurring substance.

GBL, along with 1,4-butanediol, are known to dissolve most types of plastic over time.For this reason, it is recommended to only transport and store the drug using a glass container, standard gelatin capsules (not vegetarian), or high-density polyethylene plastic (also known as #2 recyclable plastic). To check the type of plastic used on a bottle, one can look at the bottom for a number in the triangle shaped recycling label.

GBL has reportedly been used as date rape drug (as a legal alternative to GHB), in which it is secretly put dropwise into drinks but there is little evidence to support it being widespread, especially compared to alcohol due to its strong taste. GBL and GHB are also referred to as “K.-o.-Tropfen” (K.-o.-drops) in German-speaking countries. Care should be taken when offered drinks from strangers.

GBL (gamma-butyrolactone) is a cyclic ester of gamma-hydroxybutanoic acid. GBL can be synthesized from GHB through dehydration of the terminal hydroxy groups, forming a saturated lactone ring. Structurally, GBL is a five-membered ring with an oxygen substituent at R1, adjacent from the oxygen atom in the ring, forming a cyclic ester called a lactone.

Physically, it is a hygroscopic colorless oily liquid with a weak characteristic odor and is soluble in water.


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